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An artistic Fifa 14 Coins project

 An artistic Fifa 14 Coins project developed by two researchers at StanfordUniversity has turned http://www.fifacoinsvip.com/ into a quest to build a biofeedback tool that will help identifyepileptic seizures through music.

Inspired by a performance based on radio signals from outerspace, Stanford neurologist Josef Parvizi embarked on aproject to discover what the brain's electrical activity wouldsound like set to music.

He enlisted the help of Chris Chafe, a professor of musicresearch, and passed on to him the electroencephalogram (EEG)recording data of a consenting patient. From there Chafe, who hasexperience in converting natural signals into electronic music, setthe electrical spikes of the rapidly firing neurons against musicwith human voice-like tones.

When the pair listened back to the music, they realised they hadgone beyond creating something artistic and had by chance stumbledupon a way to clearly differentiate seizure activity in the brainfrom non-seizure activity. The two states were clearly discerniblefrom the change in the music, says Chafe. "It was like turning aradio dial from a static-filled station to a clear one."