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I want your Fifa 14 Coins help in trying

 "I want your Fifa 14 Coins help in trying to inspire more people towalk. The US loves to follow ; we http://www.fifacoinsvip.com/  already copy all ofyour TV shows. So here's my idea: lets make walking a consciousact, when we're out there we're conscious that we're doingsomething good for our cities, our bodies, our world. If you have ablog or a way of sharing, tell someone your great walkingstory.

"Every time you're out I want you to consciously think: 'HEY,I'M WALKING HERE!' Maybe you have some beautiful shoes to document-- I think that's useful as well because there are some women whodon't think they can be fashionable and a walker at the sametime."

To get more people walking, Walker wants people to turn walkinginto an act of storytelling through social media, making itrelatable and exciting for those who don't who chose to use theircars. "They don't want to read my article about what I'm doing --they'd much rather see it shared via social media.