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If The Fifa 14 Coins Getaway sounds

If The Fifa 14 Coins Getaway sounds a lot like Grand Theft Auto III, it's Cheap Fifa 14 Coins because the two games appear to be very similar in almost everything but their look, storyline, and the fact that Team Soho's offering allows players to visit detailed building interiors. In fact going anywhere on foot in The Getaway feels quite different to Rockstar's game thanks to a number of additional moves including the ability to back onto walls, and perform evasion rolls when under fire from enemies

Visually, The Getaway certainly looks very realistic, and having a good knowledge of London could genuinely end up being a distinct advantage when playing the game. Some of the building exterior textures in the game are a little more generic than the early screenshots of the game suggested, but given the sheer size of the area that Team Soho has recreated the overall result rarely fails to impress.