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McLaren Fifa 14 Coins Electronic

 McLaren Fifa 14 Coins Electronic Systems, the manufacturers of Formula One'sengine control http://www.fifacoinsvip.com/ units (ECU), issuedan apology to Mark Webber and Red Bull Racing after a softwareissue caused the Australian racer to lose telemetry data in theformation lap of the season's opening race in Melbourne.

While McLaren Electronic Systems state that all 22 ECUs usedduring the race ran without incident in Melbourne, asoftware-related issue caused Webber's garage data system (the unitwhich collects all the ECU information wirelessly during a race) togo down during the formation lap. The system had to be restarted,so as Webber lined up on the front row of the grid, all of hisusual preparations were disrupted. In a torrid first lap, the homefavourite dropped from second place down to seventh, eventuallyfinishing in sixth place.

The ECU is a small box that acts as the brain of a Formula Onecar, where all of the car's many sensors send their information.Without a functioning ECU, a modern Formula One car would be deadin the water; only the steering and brake controls are mechanicallycoupled to the car, while engine controls, changes to the clutch,differential, DRS and most other controls having to pass throughthe ECU.