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The Fifa 14 Coins trials and tribulations

 The Fifa 14 Coins trials and tribulations of building a canned soup Cheap Fifa 14 Coins empire in space are revealed in the first gameplay trailer for PixelJunk Inc from Q-Games. Psst, that's the final name for the mysterious game formerly known only by its codename PixelJunk 1-6. Unusually for Q, PixelJunk Inc will debut on PC, hitting Mac and Linux too.

PixelJunk Inc will blast you--and your chums, as it has co-op--into space to build a canned soup facility on a distant world. You'll build processing plants and farms, and explore above and below the surface in search of ever more exotic ingredients for fancier soups. Only, you may also stumble across hostile life quite resistant to being soupified, and will need to defend yourself. Throw in natural hazards like gas pockets, and you've got a recipe for fun.