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The idea Fifa 14 Coins came about through

The idea Fifa 14 Coins came about through a misunderstanding. "In my previousprojects, I found that the http://www.fifacoinsvip.com/ use of human models for theimplementation of artistic concepts are often subject tomisinterpretation. Human communication is filled with almostinvisible signals that enormously complicate the transmission of aspecific message," Lamoncha told Wired.co.uk.

He hoped that by switching the human model with an animal modelit would "simplify this task". With Poo Printer, he says he playswith the "duality of the 'free' and 'captive' bird, what it meansand where the boundaries are".

Lamoncha told us that he doesn't really keep track of themessages that have been printed and that the biggest challenge was"trying not to feel guilty for keeping birds captive for what Ithought was my own recreation during the research period of theprototype".

He says that he tries to present himself as "some kind ofdictator" who keeps his feelings aside and pretends only to beinterested in the performance of the printer. "But actually, aproper performance of the Poo Printer requires keeping a healthygroup of birds," he adds.