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 We Fifa 14 Coins recently got a good look at an early beta version Cheap Fifa 14 Coins of the game that S2 Games has been using to test the network code. But the small studio--made up of a grand total of three programmers and three artists--recently upgraded the beta version with an enhanced graphics renderer capable of some new visual effects and a new skeletal animation system. There's also a new level of polish to some parts of the game's interface that's more indicative of what the game will be like when it ships. For instance, there are now contextual help messages that pop up to tell you when you're near a building that you can interact with--like a stronghold, where you can change classes or buy weapons--or near a resource that you can help collect

Most revealingly, we got the first-ever look at the second faction in the game, the beast race. The beasts are much more in tune with nature than the humans (who have both a primitive side and a technological side). The light beast class is a slight, hunched figure that carries two bone weapons. More unique is the medium beast warrior, which uses its claws for its primary attack and has a fast pounce that can quickly get it in range for a vicious swipe. The current design, subject to final balancing, has the beasts somewhat more reliant on melee attacks, but they do have three tech paths to develop. Quite tentatively named, these are the fire, strata, and entropy powers that commanders can research once they build the required structures.