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 You Fifa 14 Coins can also use the environment to hide from enemies Cheap Fifa 14 Coins in special ways. Let's say you're standing on an elevated platform with a railing, and an enemy is approaching, and you have no place to run. You can vault over the railing and hang from it by pressing the action (Y) button. It's a good way to stay out of sight, although the time you can spend hanging is limited. You can also open up lockers using the Y button. Sometimes you'll find useful items, but you can also step into the locker and hide inside of it. The viewpoint changes to a first person view of the locker vent, but you'll know when an enemy is nearby by the sound of your heart beating

Back to the Wall Snake can reduce his profile by pushing his back up against the wall -- this changes to a low-angle camera view. From there you can push left or right to sidle along the wall. Press B to tap your fist against the wall, which can alert guards to move toward you, in case you need them to clear away from an area. If you reach a corner, you can press the L or R button to peer around the corner and get a better view around it, and use the C-stick to check wider angles. With a gun equipped, you can press A to instantly jump out from behind a corner and aim directly at an oncoming enemy.